Quality policy

The quality policy of GORD Systems presents the company’s dedication to quality assurance of its products and services and the readiness to meet the clients’ needs.

The main activity of the company is development and implementation of high quality software solutions and IT services.

In the management of the software processes, the management team follows the principals of the CMMI* model (Capability Maturity Model Integration).

In order to ensure even higher quality assurance of the products and services, the company implemented the CMMI standard (CMMI Maturity Level II/SCAMPI A). Thus, the company has adopted a standard ensuring proficiency in a specific set of skills, abilities, and knowledge relative to software development. The implemented standard is continually improved and upgraded.

Additionally, the company has implemented internal procedures for IT Security based on ISO 17799/27001.

The company’s strategy for development of the quality policy is focused on:

- Development and implementation of high quality software solutions and services
- Cooperation with leading IT Technology vendors and implementation of their up-to-date technologies and solutions in the software development process in order to deliver high competitive products and services to the market
- Care about the customers’ needs and satisfaction
- Continual investment in the HR development, building motivation working environment and employee’s satisfaction
- The company’s quality policy was presented to the employees and the clients. It is available in the public on the company’s website.

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Note (*): About CMMI (Read More)

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