About CMMI

Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is a process improvement standard and appraisal program of Carnegie Mellon University with focus on software development and process areas like:

  • Project planning (PP)

The aim of the PP process area is establishment and maintenance of project plans; it includes the activities:

    • Establishment of estimations for the project 
    • Development of a project plan 
    • Communication with the stakeholders 
    • Getting an agreement for the plan 
    • Maintenance, monitoring and following of the plan
  • Project monitoring and control (PMC)

The aim of the PMC process area is to establish monitoring of the progress of the project, in order for corrective actions to be undertaken when performances of the project are not according to the plan.

The documented project plan is like a basis for monitoring, following of the status of communication and undertaking of corrective actions. The project plan has control points (mile stones), and control levels inserted through the project and also WBS (work breakdown structure).When the actual status of the project deviates significantly from the expected values, it is supposed to undertake corrective actions like re-planning (change of the original plan), establishment of new agreement or inclusion of additional activities in the current plan.

  • Requirements management (RM)

The aim of the process RM area is management of all the requirements for the project and its components and identification of all inconsistencies between the requirements and the project plan.

  • Measurement and analysis (MA)

The aim of the MA process area is to develop and maintain system for measurement and analyses. The MA process area includes the activities:

    • Specification of all that will represent subject of measurement and analysis
    • Specification of the measures, the set of data and mechanisms, technics for analysis and mechanisms for reporting and feedback 
    • Implementation of the specified set of data and mechanisms and reporting the data
    • Establishment of results that will be used for making decisions and undertaking appropriate corrective actions
  • Process and product quality assurance (PPQA)

The aim of the PPQA process area is to enable the staff and management with goals that are seen in the process areas and connected with the working products; it includes the activities:

    • Objective evaluation of the performed processes, work with products and services versus the requirements, standards and procedures of the processes 
    • Identification and documentation of inconsistencies between the results 
    • Providing a feedback to the managers form the results and activities of quality assurance 
    • Proving a warranty that all inappropriate results are correctly addressed

PPQA supports the delivery of products and services with high quality through. This process also enables the staff and managers in all levels with appropriate feedback of the processes and team work through the lifecycle of the project.

  • Configuration management (CM)

The aim of the CM process area is to provide establishment of a system that will evident all the changes in the configuration of the documents, records and the source code for efficient running of the versions.

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