Energy Efficiency


Traditional energy efficiency solutions are using complex building management systems (BMS) interconnected with PLCs (programmable logical controllers) that send execution data to actuators based on sensor data. The system must take into account multiple parameters such as weather forecasts or real-time energy costs.

IoT solutions are based on wireless network sensors (WSN) and actuators interacting together autonomously. In order to provide the real-time building control in a room or zone, the local group of devices exchange information with other groups and higher level applications - the building control solution.

This kind of applications requires more intelligent sensors and actuators to provide the same application as traditional solutions, however without the complexity of BMS/PLCs. Additionaly, the local autonomy ensures more resilient and reliable system, while releasing the communication constraints.

IoT and Big Data

The sensors in IoT devices generate huge volumes of data (Big Data) which are stored in a local or cloud databases. Additional data preparation and analytical processing must be performed in order to transform the Big Data sets into usable information for the end users, or for further processing in Smart devices.

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