Software Development

With more than 20 years’ experience in software development and implementation in the healthcare, manufacturing and other sectors, now we are in position to offer our clients quite complex solutions based on latest technologies and innovations. Our portfolio includes ITO projects with focus on development of custom software, mobile solutions and complex web portal solutions.

Complete cycle of software development
We are available to support you at any stage of your product evolution, starting from design and prototyping, through development, testing and implementation, up to after project technical support and maintenance.

  Domain knowledge

Our ITO services are primarily focused on delivering software solutions based on our knowledge in certain industry sectors (healthcare, pharmacy, manufacturing, tourism, etc.), technology and QA standards.

Combining our technology knowledge and project experience with our industry specific knowledge gives us opportunity to talk to the clients using the language of their own businesses and better understand their needs and requirements.This is our advantage over the competition, as we can deliver additional benefits and added values to our clients. (Read More)

Quality Assurance
Our software development team follows the QA procedures based on CMMI/SPI and IT Security standard.

Project Management
For every project we assign our internal project manager focused on achieving project goals, the quality of delivered products/services, and the project budget. The project manager cooperates tightly with team leaders in order to assure full control over the software development processes. You can find more details about our IT Outsourcing team profile. (Read More)

We use many programming languages, tools and platforms including HTML5, JavaScript, CCS3, XML, JSP, Java, PHP, .NET; REST, WSD, etc. (Read More)

Software Security
The software security is always on top of the client’s’ requirements, both user authentication and data encryption. 

In that regards, each of our software development projects includes an ID Management module, while the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) data encryption is available option which depends on the client’s requirements when and how it will be used. 

The ID management usually is a flexible module for creation and management of users, rolls (groups) and their privilege rights to access the application features and data. During the development of the IDM module we usually follow the recommendations for inter-operability for data integration with existing authentication platforms and/or social networks.

So, the client may need integration with LDAP, Active Directory, eDirectory or any other Directory based platform, as well as some of the popular social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or any other).

For high security demanded solutions (healthcare, financials), the customer may also require implementation of additional security devices in order to achieve even higher levels of authentication; including chip cards, tokens, RFID devices, or bio readers. 

Transparent work environment
We are open to share all information with our clients regarding software development processes.

Through the usage of online collaboration tools for project management, software versioning and timesheets registration, the client has opportunity to be active member of our software development team.

So, whenever needs it, the client can check the project status, resources spent, evaluate the generated code, test completed application modules etc.

On request, we can use client's corporate collaboration platform, in which case our ITO team became a kind of virtual extension to the client’s development team. Usually, we use some or combination of the following development platforms for collaboration: GitHub, JIRA, Assembla, Mylin, Pivotal Tracker, etc.

Trust, Reliability, IP Rights
We build our partnerships based on:

  • Mutual trust,
  • Reliability in delivering agreed goals, and
  • Taking care about our client's business interests.

At the very first start of the project negotiations, we sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) with the client as a legal framework for protection of the corporate and business information and documents shared between the parties.

Regarding the Intellectual Property rights, we strictly obey the legislation and rules for IP protection. It means none of the customer's IP rights, registered before or ones may come out later on from developed products and services, will be compromised by our company at any circumstances.  You can find additional information about our ITO services here. (Read More)

Trial Projects
You are interested in our ITO services, however still missing some practical project experience with our team?
No problem at all, we can start the cooperation with a trial project, please call us for additional information.

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Software Development

Software Development

With more than 20 years’ experience in software development and implementation in the healthcare, manufacturing and other sectors, now we are in position to offer our clients quite complex solutions based on latest technologies and innovations. Our portfolio includes ITO projects with focus on development of custom software, mobile solutions Read More
Mobile solutions

Mobile solutions

We create high responsive mobile solutions using latest mobile technologies and innovative UI for the most popular native platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry) and “native-like” platform based on web technologies (HTML5). The reasons our clients initiate mobile solution projects usually include: Flexibility in doing business, especially for mobile workers                        Read More
QA & Software Testing

QA & Software Testing

The purpose of testing is to detect software failures so that defects or missing functionalities may be discovered and corrected. It is a project activity that must be properly planed and integrated within the software development life cycle. Our company has experience in software testing of desktop and web solutions Read More
Call-us Today

Call-us Today

Do you need any additional information? Maybe you are about to start a new product or service project and urgently need a draft proposal? Call-us today and find out how much it will cost you and when you can have it up and running. You are welcome to schedule a Call-Back Request or to Call-us using our direct mobile/fixed lines, Skype (gord_sys) Read More
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ITO Team profile

Depending on the project requirements, our ITO team includes: project manager, team leader, business process analyst, software engineers, QA analyst, technical support engineer/technician, web marketing specialist, etc. The team members involved in the ITO projects are experienced in their fields. All the members that are included in the execution of Read More

Technologies and Tools

The list of information technologies supported by our team includes major development tools, platforms and methodologies:  Software solutions for desktops, mobile and IoT devices: JavaScript, HTML5, CCS, XML, JSP, Java, C/C++, C#, NET; PHP, JDBC, JSON, REST/WSDL; Mobile solutions: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, web based (HTML5) Read More
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