Through the years we have completed many international projects in the healthcare industry, gaining huge knowledge and experience in design, development and implementation of software solutions for this industry that meet the international standards.

We also provide consulting services to healthcare organizations in the domain of improvement of their work processes. Our experts come here in a role of consultants that lead the healthcare organizations through the process of system analyses and redesign, then implementation of the changes and data integration, to the improved workflow and system performance.

Upon request, we can send you additional information about the projects, technologies and methodologies used during the development.

Projects: Healthcare solutions

  • National Diabetes Register and the Risk factors of the development of the diabetes, Institute for Public Health +

    National Diabetes Register and the Risk factors of the development of the diabetes, Institute for Public Health The National Diabetes Register (NDR) in Republic of Macedonia includes updated records for Read More

    DIABCARE The needs of National Database for Diabetes diseases in the country was present for quite some time, however, mainly because of the luck of funding, the project was postponed. Read More
  • OpPro -Operation procedures +

    OpPro -Operation procedures The Module OpPro is developed for hospitals in UK. The application provides all diagnostics and procedures, which performs in the surgery. The software covers following processes: patient Read More
  • Medical Consultant Practice +

    Medical Consultant Practice Originally, the package is developed for medical consultant practices in UK; however it could be easily adapted to any other Healthcare system. It is a comprehensive solution Read More
  • CALCOR +

    CALCOR The solution covers the processes in a cardio-vascular lab. It includes Patient registration, Admission in the operating theatre, Appointment scheduling, Diagnoses, Interventions, Medications and materials used for the therapy. Read More
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